Thursday, October 27, 2011

Website Unpublished

I just unpublished my website so I can work on it some more so dont worry I should have it published again in two weeks.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Website

To anyone who has been waiting patiently for my website: Mindstorm Maniacs to be finished I am going to say that I am sorry for taking so long it is just been I have been busy with school and have not had time to finish it. I will try to have it done in the two weeks. So please bear with me and it should be done within two weeks.

Monday, October 24, 2011

New Touch Panel for the NXT!!!

 We've all been waiting for it and now it is finally her Presenting: A touch panel for the Mindstorm NXT by Mindsensors here are its features (copied from mindsensors website):
    • Fits over the NXT Brick LCD.
    • Corresponds Touch Points with LCD pixels.
    • Complete LCD area is touch sensitive
    • Provides 8 virtual buttons on sides.
Here is a video of it working:

You can know buy one for just $49.95!!! Click here to go to the Mindsensors website and order yours.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

CubeStormer 2!!!!

Remember a little while back I posted about Cubestormer well here is the 2nd version it can go faster than any pro. And this time it is made with NXT instead of RCX.
            That video at the top was just a teaser trailer here is the offical video of CubeStormer 2!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cyclops teaser trailer!!!

This is the cyclops teaser trailer by Daniele Benedettelli. He will be displaying it at the World Robot Olympiad November 18-20 2011.
Sounds pretty interesting! Can't wait until we can see it. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Here is another awesome video I found it was made by It is of a Mindstorm scoring a strike on the Wii!!! Pretty cool hugh?

Explorer Bot Challenge Winners!!!

         The Explorer Bot Winners 

This award goes to the Explorer Bot that can shift modes to tackle all types of tough terrain.
Amphibious Explorerbot
Created by: NatoNX

"This robot can transform itself to go on both water and land, and adapt itself to go on rough terrain. NatoNX goes into great detail on the project's NXTLOG on how the robot is designed, but it is best seen on video in this NXTLOG: Amphibious Explorerbot Program and Video. Here, you see the robot running in a bathtub (do NOT try this at home unless you feel really confident about NOT ruining your NXT, as they are NOT designed to get wet!), and then in its transforming phase on land. Bravo NatoNX!"

This award goes to the Explorer Bot that is the best in its field at exploring its specialty.
Mars Environment Explorer (ME2)
Created by: CyberStranger

"Thie ME2's specialty is... exploring Mars! This well-equipped mobile robot has a Wind Speed Meter (WSM), using an ultrasonic sensor, a Multi-channel radiation detector (MCRD), using a sound sensor, and a Water and Light Detector (WLD), using a light sensor. CyberStranger provides a highly detailed NXTLOG and video. NASA should take note of some of the ideas here for their next MER missions!THE STEALTH BOT"
This award goes to the Explorer Bot that does its observations and explorations without being detected.
The Silent Cartographer
Created by: NXTesla

"The Silent Cartographer drives around and makes a map of what it sees. Using the ultrasonic sensor, the bot scans its environment and displays what is "sees" on the NXT screen. Each pixel on the NXT display is the equivalent of a 14x14 inch square in real life. NXTesla includes a video on a separate NXTLOG: The Silent Cartographer (Video and rbt)"
This award goes to the Explorer Bot that best collects data.
Voyager Rover
Created by: Dinoguy7719

"The Voyager Rover can seek out objects (using the Ultrasonic sensor), uses a Light sensor to detect ambient light as a solar collector, and a robotic arm as a probing tool for drilling and analyzing rocks and any other objects the Voyager would encounter. Dinoguy7719 provides great pictures and an LDD file so you can build your own version of the Voyager!"

                 Congragulations to all the Explorer Bot Challenge winners from the Maniac Blog!!! 
                                                        Compliments of 

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Watch this awesome video of a Lego Mindstorm NXT robot solving a rubiks cube in under 10 seconds!!!
  I don't think that he programmed this all in NXT-G or even NXC I think the computer mainly solves the cube not the NXT.  
      Please comment on what you think.

Welcome to the Maniac Blog!!!!

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      Here are the reasons for me starting "The Maniac Blog".
  • Because I love building with the Mindstorm NXT. 
  • I want to let everyone know about my passion for robotics.
  • To post competitions and some of my projects and current experiments.
  • For fun! 
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