Saturday, November 26, 2011

NXTLOG Spooktacular Building Challenge Winners!

  The moment we have all been waiting for: Here are the winners of NXTlog's Spooktacular Building         Challenge. Sadly I was not able to enter because I was extremely busy.

This October NXTLOG hosted a spooky Halloween challenge, and some of you got boo-ilding! We saw robot candy dispenser tricksters and treaters and even crazy characters to scare you in the night! We could only highlight a few winners based on our award criteria, but make sure to visit, comment, rate, and get inspired by all the entries by searching the tag "spooktacular."

Here are the winners:

This award goes to the Halloween robot that is spooked the judges silly!

Created by: skeloton325

*Click clack click clack* That sounds ominously like fingernails....It's THE HAND! Imagine this creepy crawler grabbing at you on Halloween night. What a fright! Inspired by GhostInside's project, Thing, this is a slightly smaller version of a frightful decapitated body part. THE HAND walks with a basic quadruped leg design to create four moving "fingers" to propel it forward. For fun, skeloton325 added a thumb to the design. With an ultrasonic sensor attached, it could guard candy on Halloween night. skeleton35 posts a video, a .rbt program file, and even has a spooky NXTLOG username. Congratulaaaaations!

This award goes to the trickiest robot on Halloween night.

Candy Trap
Created by: Ultrasonic13

With arms like a bat and the slyness of a fox, the candy trap is designed to catch people who try to take your bowl of candy! An ultrasonic sensor detects any intruder approaching and lures the visitor in by shining a light sensor on a bowl of candy. Little do they now that when they reach for a candy a touch sensor detects their move and, "Bam!" they get trapped. Enjoy this fun trick from Ultrasonic13!

This award goes to the most iconic Halloween robot. How much does your robot really say, “Halloween?

Candy Bowl Claw
Created by: trekdude

A first project on NXTLOG, the Candy Bowl Claw is a combination robot. One part trick, one part treat. The robot waits for someone to grab some candy, and then the claw closes on hand, laughing like a maniac. It then releases it's grip, and allows the person to grab some candy. But there's a catch; a creepy looking spider is illuminated by a red light while moving around and roaring, so that candy grabbers get a spooky show. trekdude got the idea for the spider portion of this project from Dave Parker's nxtprograms website. Make sure to always give credit for your inspiration. The judges think that this project really said Halloween, because everyone who visits the Candy Bowl Claw gets a treat.

*Many projects submitted for this challenge were disqualified for awards because the user did not follow the rules. Make sure you always read the rules and submit a LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT .rbt program file with your building challenge submission.

Created by: x2mind

Candy bar supersizer 2000
Created by: fish3952

                                  Congragulations to all the winners from the Maniac Blog.
                                                            Compliments if NXTLog.

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