Wednesday, February 8, 2012

MOC update!

 Awhile ago I showed you a blurry picture of the MOC I am working on. Well I decided to give you a update: I started to program it last week but noticed a few glitches in the building so I fixed them and started to program again. Then just today I noticed another glitch that was messing up the way the robot performed its task, so I decided to make a vesion 2.0 I am almost done with it and should have it finished before the night is over, tommoroww I will work on the program. I will try to finish it within the next two weeks, but I might take a little longer.

Oh and you might be wondering why I haven't changed the name yet, I haven't changed it because first of all the domain is already taken and second because their is another blog called TechN'XT that sounds a little to close to that name (One of my readers informed me about that). So after I finish this MOC I will put up another poll.    


  1. Thanks for your consideration on my blog (TechN'XT). :-)

    I hope you find a new blog name! I'll be sure to vote again!

    Joey "jojoguy10" Kelly

    1. Your welcome! I should have the new poll out just as soon as I think of about 5 names or so.