Saturday, August 24, 2013

LEGO GBC - 5 Modules

Sorry for the long gap between posts, I just have been really busy this summer! Anyway a few months ago I started building a GBC, I didn't put a whole lot of time into it so it took a lot longer than it normally would to finish. After about three months of on and off work I finally finished it! More will be posted below.
I first decided to build a Great Ball Contraption after being inspired by many other great GBC builders such as: AkiyukyYiharua, and LegoGBC just to name a few. I first built the "Ferris wheel" module, then I built the "Mechanical chain" module, after the first two modules were completed I started putting it together. Then I started adding more modules, until I had finished the loop. After that I fixed out all the glitches and created the program for the NXT module.
Here is the video of my GBC in action:
Overall I wouldn't say this is my best creation ever, but it was one of the ones I am most proud of. Also I am planning on making a 2.0 version sometime in the near future which should be A LOT better then this one, so stay tuned! 

Additional information and pictures can be found here


  1. Wow! I am sorry that i forgot about blog while.... But very nice new design!

    1. It's okay! Actually this isn't my final design, I am working on making the real one. :)