Monday, May 14, 2012

See ya' Later Alligator...

First off, I'm not finished with this blog so don't think I'm shutting it down or anything, I just am moving to MN tommorow (I mean't to write about it sooner but I have been super busy with packing and stuff) my dad got a job up there as a pastor so we are moving there tommorow and it will take two or three days to get there. So I won't be posting for maybe a week or two, but there are gonna be some exciting things happening here on my blog this summer (and no I'm not going to just change the design) I will plan it all on the trip and do them hopefully have them up sometime in summer, but since we had to move during the school year I will have to go a few weeks into summer to finish school. Well this was a quick post because its like 10:00 at night and I have to get up early. Sorry this post was sorta messy but I only had a short time to write this.

See ya' Later!

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