Thursday, May 10, 2012

Minute Bot Base

Awhile ago Xander over at BotBench posted about Minute Bot a base for the Mindstorm NXT (just like a base for regular LEGO's only for the NXT) I thought that it was something like NXTprograms Five Minute Bot so I never actually read the whole article until recently when someone over at Minute Bot emailed me asking me if I would consider posting their short story about their product on my blog. Here is what they emailed me:
Why is it worth going further?

LEGO is a lot of fun. It became so popular almost anyone knows them. As the brand is developing, LEGO bricks have found a new application in the world of prototypes and science. The recent case of LEGO robots building bones serves as the best example. This creates a need for more durable parts, and more stable constructions.
MinuteBot is a concept of semi-professional robotics made easy. The initial idea is to be able to build a robot within a minute. The broader vision is to develop various elements fully compatible with LEGO but far more durable. Parts are made of industrial components with a strong focus on quality of the design and accuracies of all dimensions. MinuteBot has now two projects: Base and Bearing.
Base is a robust base plate of dimensions 240 x 168 mm, and almost a centimeter thick. It differs from a regular LEGO plate significantly. For starters, instead of studs, the plate has holes, just as if it was supposed to go on top of a LEGO bricks. Secondly, being 8mm thick it is much stiffer, allowing for stable constructions. The product is in its development phase, and thanks to the involvement of LEGO fans, MinuteBot is constantly rethinking the design adding other functionalities.
Funds and support for MinuteBot Base are being collected through crowd sourcing. This project is time limited, and it’s facing the tipping point. Support is crucial to allow for base plate to go into mass production. The design and its possible use may be seen at:

The other project - MinuteBot Bearing is a real-deal heavy duty steel bearing that can take a load much bigger than a standard LEGO solution. A metal bearing is hidden in a LEGO compatible casing allowing for connecting in two planes. Another feature is its toothed edge which makes it a perfect gearwheel. To earn its way to the market MinuteBot Bearing competes against other creations in a Boca Bearing contest. To view the project and help its way through go to:

MinuteBot is facing a challenge of reaching all LEGO builders that would want to extend their designs by features of these parts. It is the fun of creating, and reliability of the construction that is on stake here.

It looks pretty cool! I just can't beleive LEGO never thought of this. Here is there website: they also have a challenge running where you can win some minutebot bases here: I was hoping they would give some details in regards to the price and how big and how small they will make the base, but I will definitely be getting some of these when they come out.

Here is a video explaining Minutebot:

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