Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Website and other News!

Okay so for the past week I have been working on my website! I still have alot of work but I hope to finish it soon! You can see what it looks like here (but there is nothing on it, I haven't published my changes yet, I will when I finish it). My website will be where I post my projects along with instructions, videos, ect.... Here will be where I post Mindstorm NXT news and other NXT related stuff!

Also just today NXTLog has released the winners of their "Crazy Contraption" challenge the one I entered "The Circulator" in, well I found out I won the "Best Technical Presentation" award xD! Here is what they said about my entry:

  "We looked for NXTLOGs that best documented how the Crazy Contraption robot was designed, programmed, and functions in a clear, concise, and creative way."
"The Circulator"
Created by:
"The Circulator" is a minimalist designed GBC (Great Ball Contraption) that circulates small plastic balls through 3 different modules and ends up at the beginning, and starts all over again. nxtstep101 takes readers through each module in the NXTLOG with beautiful photos, descriptions, a video, and program file. Great work nxtstep101 on clearly documenting your robot's technical capabilities! "

To see the other winners click here.

One of the other winners was NXTLog and YT user: MySnailEatsPizza he entered a huge GBC into the challenge which he called "Circular Reasonings 2" here is the video of the GBC at work! I would say that this is one of the best GBC's on the web!
I am working on an entry into a car building challenge me and a couple of other people on NXTLog started it is a Car building challenge. Check it out and enter!

     After I finish entering I will get started on some of my more complex projects! So stay tuned ;-)

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