Sunday, April 1, 2012

NXT Touch!

Late last night I got an email from one of LEGO Mindstorms lead technicians, that I know! Here is what he wrote:

" I just wanted to let you know that we just came up with a brand new NXT brick! It is just like an IPhone only it is a little thicker and has ports on both ends for the wires! It has twice as much memory as the current one, and the screen is a full color touch screen it also has a camera on the front to take pictures! It will be available for people to buy sometime this summer."   

He went on to say he wanted me to help out with beta testing! This will be awesome, He couldn't give me a picture because it had just been finished and he hadn't taken a picture yet! This is going to be the best thing LEGO has ever made!

More on this later!


  1. Haha nice one :) I don't know about a color screen, but you can get all most of the other stuff you talked about from mindsensors (no joke):

    NXTCam (camera):

    Touch screen overlay:

    -Leon Overweel (dimastero/ world of mindstorms)

    PS: your moc is rly cool

    1. Thanks! I knew about the touch screen and camera that mindsensors sells, but it would be cool if LEGO decided to make an NXT brick like I described all in one piece:) Happy (late) April Fools Day!

  2. Ha ha, wish it was real! Nice article!